Mercedes-Benz air conditioning servicing in Enfield

Are you someone who was not really concerned about the air con condition initially? Is your air con not functioning the way it is supposed to? Most people take the car air conditioning system for granted, although it is an essential component of the car. You will only realize its significance when it stops working as efficiently as it should. Just imagine driving your car in summers without appropriate cooling or in winters without adequate heating; unpleasant, right? It is not only temperature-related problems that you might face but also leaks and unpleasant odours. The best way to avoid such issues is regular servicing and maintenance. In routine servicing, the performance and condition of the air conditioner are checked in order to make sure that it keeps making your driving experience enjoyable. If you are looking for Mercedes-Benz air conditioning servicing in Enfield, here is all you need to know!


The most prominent feature of Mercedes Benz which makes it stand out is the luxury and comfort it offers. However, these features can not remain intact for a long time if you fail to take care of them. The comfort and luxury which is associated with Mercedes Benz can be highly compromised in case the air conditioner starts malfunctioning. Therefore, it is recommended to always seek professional assistance in matters concerning a valuable asset like a car. At specialist garages, technicians are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to carry out car services. One of these services is diagnosis; technicians run a diagnostic test on the air conditioning system and rectify the faults. But you can prevent expensive repairs and replacements by taking your car to a reliable garage as soon as you observe unusual signs.



Why does the air conditioning system need servicing?


  1. Over time, the air conditioning system can lose its cool. The car’s air-con uses a refrigerant to cool down the air. This refrigerant, like the oil or washer fluid, needs regular top-ups to keep the system working efficiently. If the refrigerant level is too low, air and moisture make their way into the system’s compressor shaft. As a result, the system’s seals then fail, causing leaks and eroding pipework.
  2. A healthy car with healthy systems keeps the fuel costs down. Efficient air conditioning contributes to fuel efficiency. Therefore, air-con incurs higher fuel costs when it has to work overtime to produce cold air.
  3. A healthy air conditioning system creates a pleasant and healthy car environment. On the other hand, a fault system can lead to the build-up of bacteria which eventually causes allergic reactions and sore throats.

What are the signs of a malfunctioning air conditioning system?


If servicing doesn’t make the faulty AC function properly, the technicians then suggest replacing the problematic components with genuine parts. First of all, servicing can eliminate several issues caused by fuel level or compressor. However, sometimes a small fault develops into a major problem that can not be rectified by servicing. In such a case, the mechanic will have to replace the part. This can be a little costly but will rid the AC of all types of problems. The most common signs of a faulty Ac are as follows:


  • No cold air:

The most basic sign of a failing car AC is that the Ac will not be able to blow cold air anymore. This problem is usually mitigated by a simple AC gas top-up. However, it is not so in every case. If you follow the AC service routine regularly and it is still failing to do its job, the AC compressor most probably is the culprit. When the AC compressor is unable to regulate the refrigerant flow, the AC won’t blow cold air.

  • Compressor noise:

When the car’s compressor goes weak,  it begins to extract too much power which leads to overheating of the system. In such a situation, the circuit breaker trips and it is among the major signs of a failing car AC.

  • Leaking refrigerant:

This is another common symptom that you can notice easily. Your AC compressor might leak fluid over time. As a result, the system will work ineffectively, making the system blow hot air. In fact, it can be a potential health hazard as well if the driver keeps driving the car with a closed cabin and leaking fluid.

  • Electrical faults:

Electrical faults are caused by the failure of the wire due to which the compressor receives low voltage and causes inefficient cooling. An electrical or wiring issue should be rectified immediately, as it might lead to AC failure.

  • Unusual odour:

Strange odours indicate the buildup of particles and mould. It should be repaired immediately, otherwise, it can cause the compressor to experience more load to regulate the temperature inside the cabin and can also lead to its failure.


The rule of thumb is that the vehicle’s air-conditioner needs to be re-gassed every two years. It has been estimated that a car permeates 10 – 15% of gas from the system every year and that is before you have even started to use it!


If you own or drive a premium car like a Mercedes Benz, you should always go to a specialist garage. A specialist garage has all the required tools and expertise to diagnose and rectify faults. At a reputable garage, technicians work closely with the customers and keep them in the loop. Also, they make sure to come up with a cost-effective solution in a timely manner. So, what are you waiting for? Get your car checked and drive it with an absolute peace of mind!