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If you drive any model of Alfa Romeo, Fiat, or Maserati, you are totally aware of the luxury and comfort they come with. Therefore, a slight inconvenience or compromised performance can affect your driving experience. We understand that a car is one’s most valuable asset which is an essential component of one’s daily routine. You need a car to run errands; you need a car to get to your destination timely; you need a car to go out on a long drive. Trust us when we say that driving can be extremely relaxing if the car is working fine. But, driving can be really taxing if the vehicle gives you a hard time on the road. What if the car keeps stopping? What if it gets hard to control the vehicle? What if the AC cease to cool the cabin? All this will want you to just stop driving. Moreover, a problematic car incurs higher fuel costs. So, it is better to nip the evil in the bud. And that you can do by keeping track of your vehicle’s performance and taking it to a reliable garage in case of malfunction. If you are looking for Italian car specialists in North London, here is all you need to know!



What to expect at a specialist garage?


One thing to understand before buying a car is that it is a long-term commitment. Your job is not over once you have bought the car. In fact, your job will truly begin once you have your car with you. Once you have bought a car, you need to take care of it in order to maintain its value. If you fail to do so, your car will not be able to provide the same comfort and joy that you used to experience previously. In fact, your car’s life will shorten and performance will decline. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to visit a garage on regular basis to get the car checked and rectified. A specialist garage will be a one-stop service station for your car. But, what to expect at a specialist garage?


Car servicing:


A reliable garage provides different service packages to cater to diverse customers. Primarily, there are three types of service packages: interim, full, and major. An interim car service is a basic or entry-level package that is designed for drivers who cover almost 20,000 miles or more a year. Such drivers may need more than one annual service. An interim car service will only include an oil change, oil filter change and an inspection of the car’s main components, such as the tyres, lights, and windscreen wipers. On the other hand, a full service is usually recommended every 12,000 miles or 12 months. It is suitable for drivers with lower annual mileage or those who will only have their car serviced once a year. A full service includes a wider range of checks in addition to those carried out in an interim service. A major service is recommended every 24 months or 24,000 miles. It is the most comprehensive service package that a car requires once a year.

Car servicing has uncountable benefits: Higher resale value, More reliable vehicle, Smoother engine, Improved braking, and Fuel efficiency.


Car diagnostics:


Diagnostic testing can quickly and accurately identify faults. As a result, car repair times are significantly reduced. So, your car will spend less time in the garage and off the road. With the help of diagnostic testing, even those faults are identified which are hidden and have yet to come to the surface. Diagnostic testing prevents sudden breakdowns; therefore, it provides peace of mind to the driver while he is driving.


To carry out an efficient diagnostic test, equipment is not enough. There should be expert technicians to read and interpret the fault codes in order to come up with the best rectification procedure. This is the reason we recommend going to a specialist garage!


Repairs & replacements:


A car is composed of thousands of components which work together to make the car run. Each of these components has its own function in the car’s machinery; therefore, each of them should work efficiently to make the car operate smoothly. The most important components are brakes, clutch, transmission system, suspension, exhaust, engine, etc. A specialist garage provides repairs for all of these parts. In case a problem is beyond repairs, they stock high-quality car parts to offer replacements. In addition to this, tyres considerably impact the way a car performs since they form a direct link with the road. A specialist garage will provide a full-fledged wheel and tyre service including wheel balancing, alignment, and tracking.


Contact Italian car specialists in North London


Why specialists? Well, specialist garages have trained and skilled technicians on board who have extensive experience with the respective cars and models. Therefore, they know exactly how to tackle minor or major faults through cost-effective solutions. In addition to this, specialist garages are equipped with the required technology that is unique to the specific models. For example, the wiTech-2 diagnostic tool is one of the most reliable tools to carry out car diagnostic testing on Italian cars. Specialist garages will also be able to update your service history online, which of course is extremely beneficial if you want to sell your car in the near or far future. Therefore, it is recommended to always take your Italian car to a specialist garage instead of a random general garage.