Ensuite bathroom design in Barnet

Now you don’t have to walk down a hallway, in the middle of the night, to reach a shared bathroom. There was a time when you had to do this and we understand how inconvenient it was. Now, an attached bath to the bedroom is a necessity that no homeowner can overlook. This attached bathroom is called an ‘ensuite’ and is considered to be an extension of the bedroom itself. The ensuite is a French term which means to ‘form a suite’. In architectural terms, it is a unit made up of a bedroom and a bathroom. Ensuites are gaining immense popularity among homeowners, for the privacy, comfort and luxury they offer. If you are looking for experts who provide ensuite bathroom design in Barnet, you are at the right place. Here is all you need to know!


Bathrooms, like any other room in the house, have evolved over time. What we see today is the result of years of civil engineering and change in social dynamics. Previously, a bathroom was just a functional space but now it is much more than that. The modern bathrooms are multipurpose spaces where people relax and unwind during and after a tiring day. This transformation is attributed to the latest inventions, such as electricity, indoor plumbing, water pressure, etc. Bathroom designers now work closely with homeowners to curate a design which aligns exactly with the requirements and specifications of the clients. This is the right thing to do because ensuites deserve even more care than the other bathrooms. The reason is that they are associated with the master bathroom and are considered an extension of the bathroom; therefore, they need to be as luxurious and stylish as the bedroom is.


What are the benefits of installing an ensuite?




An Ensuite provides unparalleled privacy compared to a common bathroom. It is especially perfect for those who do not want to roam in the house or wait for the common bathroom to be emptied. This can be really frustrating and irritating at the same time. In addition to this, you might not be able to maintain the desired hygiene that you can do in your personal bathroom.


The Ensuite provides the perfect space for you to relax and unwind in private. When you have an ensuite, you would not feel rushed or forced out of the bathroom space because someone else needs to use it. So, you can have your me-time for as long as you want. Also, you can store all you want in your ensuite, ranging from your favourite cosmetics to other bathroom essentials.



With a personal bathroom, you will have the liberty to design it the way you want. You can use your creativity to make optimum use of the available space. Also, you can incorporate all the elements which others might not like in a shared bathroom. For instance, you can install a closet with an ensuite bathroom. Similarly, you can opt for a bathtub if you have a big space. What you can install in your bathroom primarily depends on the size of the bathroom. Something that might suit a large bathroom can negatively impact the appearance or functionality of a small bathroom. So, the key is to use the space wisely and seek professional assistance. Professionals will come up with a solution according to your requirements. Even if you are someone who loves to keep changing or upgrading your surroundings from time to time, experts can help you adopt a flexible design. When it comes to bathroom design and your choice, another important aspect is plumbing and electronics. The way you want to manage wires and plumbing will not only affect the appearance but also convenience in the long run.


Colors & lights:


You can play with colours in your  Ensuite bathroom. Colours are extremely important when it comes to interior design. In fact, you can make a small bathroom look large, using the right colours. Experts can apply some colour tricks to make your bathroom appear more spacious and bigger than the actual size. Now there is such a variety of colour schemes available on the market that you can not even imagine. Whether you want to opt for light, neutral or vibrant colours, a bathroom showroom can help you.


Similarly, you can install lighting options that you like. If you do not want a lot of artificial light in your bathroom,  you can shift your focus to having a wide-open window or you can have an open roof ensuite bathroom if you live in a cold region. However, you can add artificial lights if you are a fan of highly lit spaces. There is a huge variety of lighting options available that you can choose from. Adequate lighting boosts functionality and appearance at the same time!


Adds value:


There is no denying the fact that an ensuite bathroom is considered a practical luxury. In modern times, many homeowners and potential buyers look for this luxury when searching for a property.  Therefore, investing in the ensuite bathroom can be helpful if you want to increase the value of your property. Who does not want a hotel-like luxury in their houses?


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If you are wondering why to hire bathroom designers, here is the answer: Bathroom designers ensure that you get quality end results. As these designers are professionals, they will pick up details that you might miss. Going the DIY route can be stressful and challenging, but hiring the right service providers will ease your anxiety. Moreover, they have the necessary experience with a range of projects, so they can help you achieve your goals within your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Your dream bathroom is just a few steps away!