Brake repairs in Fulham

Automotive systems have evolved over time, and the brakes remain the most important safety system of the car. The braking system consists of various mechanical components such as a hydraulic clamp which slows and stops the rotations of the wheels. Hence, it plays a crucial role in keeping the car and the driver safe on the road. However, the car brake also goes through wear and tear, causing it to malfunction. The best way to keep the car in the first-class condition is to regularly inspect and maintain it. With the help of regular servicing, your brake system would remain reliable without major car brake repairs. If you feel that your brakes are squealing, grinding, or vibrating, they need professional assistance. Get in touch with a reliable garage if you are looking for brake repairs in Fulham.

Whether you want your car brakes to be fixed or replaced, we have got you covered.  At our garage, we have all the required equipment and expert workforce to rectify your faulty brake. Also, we make sure to keep our customers in the loop, as we want to come up with a convenient and long-lasting solution to car problems. From servicing your car brake pads and shoes to replacing and installing them, we do it all at competitive rates.

What are some common signs of malfunctioning brakes?

A car is composed of thousands of parts that more or less are interdependent in their function to make the car run. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make sure that each and every component is doing its job efficiently. As a result, the car will work smoothly and with minimum operational costs.


Sometimes, underlying faults do not come to the surface unless they have grown into serious problems. In order to cater to this problem, we offer advanced diagnostics which identify the faults at the initial stages. On the other hand, problems do come to the surface many times, and you will be able to recognize them in the form of some unusual signs. Following are some common signs that your brake is calling for an immediate checkup:

  • Brake light on:

In modern cars, the brake light indicator appears on the dashboard. It indicates a potential problem or is a call for brakes’ checkup and maintenance. If you are not sure how the dashboard indicator works, consult your vehicle owner’s manual for finding out all the possible causes for it to appear.

  • Squealing or grinding noises:

New and unusual noises coming from the brakes aren’t always a sign of problems. It could just be a result of some foreign object stuck in your brakes, for example, a pebble or debris. However, it could also be an indication of brake-pad wear and tear. In such a case, you might have to get your brake pads replaced. Similarly, grinding noises could mean your brakes need servicing immediately due to the brake pad or shoe wearing

  • Excessive vibrations

One of the most common signs of malfunctioning brakes is a vibrating steering wheel or vehicle, especially when you apply the brakes. It is most probably a problem with brake pads or rotors. Over time, it’s quite normal for the rotor to wear down and consequently become uneven. Left uneven, the problem might worsen over time, leading to a full-fledged replacement. During servicing, we make sure to even out the face of the rotor. As a result, you will not feel a wobble when you brake.

  • Leaking fluid:

An important part of the braking process involves brake fluid which creates hydraulic pressure against the brake caliper. If the vehicle has no or less brake fluid, you won’t be able to stop safely on the road. This, as a result, might cause on-road breakdowns or accidents. Therefore, it is important to check your vehicle’s brake fluid often and get in touch with us if you observe any changes in the fluid level.

  • Soft brakes:

Good brakes are those that make you feel resistance when you press on them. On the contrary, bad brakes feel soft and the pedal tends to go all the way to the floorboard. This is a clear sign of trapped air or moisture in the braking system. In addition to this, a problem with the master cylinder can also lead to spongy brakes. Another problem accompanied by spongy brakes is difficulty handling the vehicle. Hence, the vehicle pulls to one side and the ride does not remain smooth.

  • Burning smell:

Overheated brakes give off a sharp, chemical odour. If you want to prevent brake failure, it is recommended to take your car to a reliable garage as soon as you smell such an odour. Pull over to a safe place if such odour begins to arise while you are driving. In addition to the smell, you might observe smoke coming from a wheel if the brake calliper gets locked in place.


When Should You Get The Brakes Checked?


We always suggest that prevention is better than cure when it comes to car parts, especially brakes. Many people wait too long and delay taking their car to the garage unless they notice symptoms like grinding noise, smoke from the wheels or poor braking etc. This approach to brake repairs and maintenance can turn out to be dangerous. Therefore, brakes should be diagnosed and fixed well before signs appear.


Manufacturers recommend a yearly brake checkup to ensure safety and overrule the existence of potential faults. Also, modern cars come with indicators, which alert the driver when the system detects a brake problem. Some modern cars have an audible alarm to alert the driver about worn brake pads. So, you should not ignore warning signs at any cost!

Visit a specialist garage for your premium car for brake repairs in Fulham


If you own a premium car like a Mercedes Benz, always try to reach out to specialists.

They know exactly how to make a premium car as good as new. The cost of a brake repair or replacement depends on the model of the car, its age, and the condition of the braking system. If you want to prevent costly repairs, get your brakes checked before they cause a breakdown!