Bespoke kitchen design in London

The kitchen is an important room in the house where many household activities take place, for example cooking, eating, conversing, and entertaining. For all these reasons, your kitchen layout should be comfortable, functional, and attractive. Moreover, it won’t be an overstatement that the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to build or renovate. Whether you want to create a new kitchen or renovate the old kitchen, it is recommended to reach out to kitchen designers. They are aware of the complexities which you tend to overlook. However, this buying guide can be helpful to you if you want to gain insights. If you want a bespoke kitchen design in London, here is all you need to know!

It is crucial for a kitchen to be compatible with your daily needs. Even if a kitchen has beautiful finishes and appliances, a non-functional layout will overshadow the overall appearance and functionality. So, a kitchen should be designed with a smart planning approach to offer a safe and accessible space. For these reasons, it is recommended to involve professionals who have extensive experience with both domestic and commercial bathroom designs. Moreover, the right service providers realize the fact that there is no one-size-fits-for-all solution, so they offer bespoke bathroom solutions. All you need to do is communicate your preferences and let them visit your property!

What to consider?

When it comes to bathroom design, the most crucial part is to figure out where everything will go. Then one must take into consideration the measurements of each and every corner to make sure that furniture units will fit in perfectly. Moreover, renovation comes with even more limitations due to the existing plumbing placement.

While choosing the doors, make sure that the door while swinging should not interfere with furniture units or appliances. There is no rule of thumb, but it is recommended that the doorway into the kitchen should be at least 32 inches wide. The passageway into the kitchen should be spacious and free of any hurdles.

The work triangle is a basic design concept when it comes to kitchen design. It is significant for ensuring the kitchen’s functionality by reducing the walking distance between the cooking space, sink, and refrigerator. As a result, all these three things will be accessible and it will be easier to work in the kitchen. This concept can be really helpful if you want more than one cooking space in your kitchen. In this case, two triangles can be planned with a shared leg.

Another aspect of the kitchen’s useability is the available countertop space. It is recommended to include adequate space to carry out daily routine kitchen tasks comfortably.

The kitchen layout should be planned carefully to prevent any harmful or fatal accidents, such as fire, falls, scalding, cuts, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to choose clipped or rounded corners for countertops that are much safer than sharp edges. Moreover, the cooking surface should be at a suitable distance from an operable window.

What are the most popular kitchen layouts?

1- The one-wall kitchen is a space-efficient layout without having to compromise on functionality. It forms clean aesthetics by featuring cabinets against a single wall.

2- The galley kitchen layout features two rows of cabinets facing each other. This layout uses the space which otherwise is wasted, especially by eliminating the need for corner cabinets.

3- The L-shaped kitchen layout is a practical solution for both small and large bathrooms. Moreover, it offers great flexibility in terms of appliance placement and work zones. The L-shaped layout leaves a lot of space to add extra units like a walk-in pantry cupboard or a bathroom nook in a corner.

4- U-shaped kitchen layout also provides plenty of space for storage, but can make a small bathroom feel cramped. Therefore, this layout is recommended for large kitchens, as its dominant feature is to enable multiple users at the same time.

5- The island kitchen layout is a popular choice in open-plan homes. It provides a large space in the middle of the kitchen, which can be used for storage, as a workspace, or as a dining space. This type of layout is recommended for people who want to socialize and interact comfortably in a kitchen.

6- The peninsula kitchen features a kitchen counter jutting out from the cabinetry or the wall. It can be a great alternative to an island kitchen if your kitchen does not have enough space to install an island. Akin to the island, the peninsula can be used to eat and talk comfortably.

If you want to design a flawless kitchen, get in touch with bathroom designers. The experts will offer bathroom solutions within your budget, in case you have set a realistic budget. In fact, they can help you with budgeting too. Other steps come after budgeting, like planning and designing. Once budgeting is done, a rough kitchen plan is developed with the necessary infrastructure elements. The kitchen is the most used room in the house, so it deserves all the attention and investment. Whether you want to design a traditional kitchen or a modern one, bathroom designers can help you create it at your convenience. All you need to do is find the best service providers around you and communicate with them your preferences and aspirations!